Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passes- HHG Priorities Included

By Katie McMichael posted 11-24-2021 15:05


Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Passes- HHG Priorities Included

Last night Congress finally passed the long awaited Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. Overall this is a great success for the trucking industry, and a huge step forward for two long held household goods priorities. 
ATA President and CEO Chris Spear issued this statement following the bill’s passage:

“Roads and bridges are not political—we all drive on them. A majority in the House realized this today and did what’s right for the country, not themselves.

“From farmers to truckers, the millions of hard-working people who make this country great won today. Those lawmakers who put their constituents before themselves to help seal this achievement have cemented a lasting legacy that the American people will now see, feel, and use for many decades to come.

“After countless hearings and meetings on Capitol Hill, ATA members will finally see the fruits of their labor—a 38% increase in road and bridge funding, and an infusion of highly-trained, younger talent into our workforce.”

Included in the bill for the household goods industry were two key priorities:
  • Requirement for FMCSA to issue a proposed rule on the Household Goods Working Group Priorities. Fortunately our advocacy efforts paid off earlier than the passage of this bill as FMCSA issued the proposed rule in August and comments were submitted in October. 
  • Requirement for FMCSA to issue formal guidance clarifying the definition of "broker". As we combat the spread of rogue operators and increased consumer protection unlicensed brokers play a role in these two problems. The ATA MSC will continue to educate and advocate for FMCSA to issue formal guidance that aligns with our Conferences viewpoints.