FMCSA Issues NPRM on Household Goods Working Group Recommendations

By Katie McMichael posted 11-24-2021 14:59


FMCSA Issues NPRM on Household Goods Working Group Recommendations
On August 10th the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to implement the Household Goods Working Group Recommendations. These recommendations were included in the recently passed Senate Infrastructure Bill which is awaiting passage by the House of Representatives before it is signed into law. 

The Moving and Storage Conference is very pleased that FMCSA proactively issued this NPRM before they were Congressionally mandated. This is an important step forward in finally seeing implementation on recommendations that both help streamline paperwork processes for movers and assist in protecting consumers from rogue operators. To read the NPRM please click here

The following are some highlights from the  NPRM:

Requires movers to provide “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” document when an estimate is provided. Movers should be allowed to provide this document in paper or electronic form via a hyperlink on the carrier’s website.

Allows movers to provide “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” electronically without a signed receipt from the shipper.

If a shipper requests additional services or tenders’ additional items prior to loading the shipment but after an estimate has been signed the carrier must provide a new estimate with changes. This protects the consumer by closing a loophole exploited by rogue operators to inflate charges.

Requires movers to offer visual surveys for all household goods shipments regardless of distance, updating the old requirement for physical surveys. Allows movers and shippers to employ the use of virtual surveys (remote cameras or other technology) at the convenience of the shipper and mover. Physical surveys would still be permitted, and consumers would retain the right to waive the survey.

Allows movers to waive using a separate order for service if the information is combined

Replaces the term “freight bill” or “expense bill” with the term “invoice” to use a term more commonly understood by consumers. Would allow movers to combine the items listed on the freight bill onto the invoice.

Requires all household goods motor carriers to provide a link or copy of "Choose Your Mover" publication on their website.